Yeoju Eco-Forum
Interfaith Dialogue for Ecological Civilization
  • October 3-5, 2019
  • SunValley Hotel, Yeoju City, Republic of Korea

All are welcome to take part in the first Yeoju Eco-Forum to be held in Yeoju, Korea from October 3-5, 2019. The theme of the forum will be ‘Interfaith Dialogue on Ecological Civilization.’ Yeoju City, IPDC, Daejin University and Daesoon Jinrihoe will be the copartners of the forum. We are very confident that each person in attendance will be a great asset to this forum.


The Goal of Yeoju Eco-Forum

The goal of the Yeoju Eco-Forum is to bring together leaders from different religious faiths and top scholars to facilitate a dialogue on ecological civilization, gather constructive wisdom to deal with urgent ecological crises, and take tangible steps towards the creation of a new form of civilization: ecological civilization.

There are many kinds of interfaith dialogues in the world today. However, thus far there has never been a forum that combines interfaith dialogue with the aim of achieving an ecological civilization. Yeoju Eco-Forum: Interfaith Dialogue on Ecological Civilization seeks to fill that void.


The Organizing Committee


Dr. John Cobb : Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Founding President of IPDC

Yun Eun Do : President of Daesoon Jinrihoe Yeoju Headquarters

Vice Chairs

Dr. Zhihe Wang : Director of IPDC

Lee Myeon Jae : President of Daejin University


John B. Cobb

Co-director of the Center for Process Studies

Audrey Kitagawa

Chair, Board of Trustees Parliament of the World’s Religions

Zhihe Wang

Director, Institute for Postmodern Development of China

Meijun Fan

Co-director of the China Project at the Center for Process Studies, Claremont Program director of the IPDC, USA

Philip Clayton

President of the Institute for Ecological Civilization, Ingraham Chair at Claremont School of Theology

Wm. Andrew Schwartz

Executive Director, Center for Process Studies Assistant Professor of Process Studies and Comparative Theology Claremont School of Theology

Sandra Lubarsky

Emeritus professor of Sustainable Communities, Northern Arizona University

Tran Canh

Reverend, President of Cao Dai Overseas Missionary

Fiona Chang

Director, Research and Development Center for Religious Affair Weixin Shengjiao 唯心聖敎, Taiwan

Shrivatsa Goswami

Acharya, Sri Radharamana Mandir

Jay McDaniel

Professor Emeritus, Hendrix College, Arkansas Director of the Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy

Richard Rose

Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the University of La Verne

Zhang Xihua

Professor of Political Science and Law, China University

Mat McDermott

Director of Communications for the Hindu American Foundation

Perry Hamalis

Rev. Dr. Perry Hamalis,
Cecelia Schneller Mueller Professor of Religion, North Central College (Naperville, IL USA)

Liu Xiaoting

Professor, School of Philosophy, Beijing Normal University

Carol Frances Johnston

Associate Professor Emerita Christian Theological Seminary

Reverend Bonnie Tarwater

Minister of Church for Our Common Home.

Cyrus Brooks

Honorary Representative of the Church of Scientology in South Korea.

Kevin Clark

Executive Director of Center for Organic Philosophy

Huang Yimin

Professor Emeritus, English Department, Tamkang University

J. R. Hustwit

Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Dean, School of Arts and Humanities, Methodist University

Lin Keqin

Professor of Sichuan International Studies University, Specialized professor of the IPDC, USA

Nariman Gasimoglu

Professor, ADA University, Azerbaijan

Yu Yih-hsien

Professor, Department of Philosophy, Tunghai University,Taiwan

Hady Vakili

Associated Professor of comparative studies of Islamic philosophy and Mysticism, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies

Wang Xiaohua

Professor of literature in Shenzhen University, Director of the Institute of Soma-esthetics

Li Dahua

Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department Shen Zhen University

Zhang Weixiong

Professor of cultural studies, Sapporo University

Csizmadia Norbert

President of the Board of Trustees at Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation

Attila Grandpierre

Astrophysicist, musician, writer and speaker, Director of the Collective Consciousness Group of the Club of Budapest

Sung Sohn

Founder of Myra House: Holistic Living Center(Eco-spiritual community) and Ecoterra(Holistic Health Clinic), practical theologian, holistic health educator, CA. liscenced Acupuncturist.

Wang Xintong

General Secretary of SEN Cobb Ecological Academy

Yin Xiaotian

SEN Cobb Ecological Academy

John Becker

Lecturer, Department of Theological Studies & Asian and Asian American Studies, Loyola Marymount University Research Fellow for the IPDC, USA

Abu Sayem

Assistant Professor in World Religions and Culture at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Farhan Shah

Muslim philosopher, Islam-consultant to the Center for Process Studies, Claremont, California, Doctoral research fellow, University of Oslo

Abu Taher

Assistant Professor, Department of World Religions and Culture, University of Dhaka

Yang Zhengxi

Founder of Terraced Cattle Ploughing Preservation, Guizhou China

Long Anji

Headmaster of Gaoba Primary School, Guizhou China

Gao Xuan

Voluntary Guardians of the Earth, Director of Preserving Homeland, Guizhou China

Thomas Kuan

Founder of U 3rd Age(University of the Third Age), Singapore

Abraham SY Poon

Qigong Master, The Twenty Characters of Heaven's Magnanimity and Holy Teaching Religion Association

Isidro C. Sia

Executive Director, Integrative Medicine For Alternative Heath Care Systems (INAM) Philippines, Inc.

Anicia O. Sollstre

Training Program Officer Integrative Medicine For Alternative Heath Care Systems (INAM) Philippines, Inc.


For more information about the partners, please visit the following websites:

The Eco-Forums

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Participants are encouraged to address and explore the following kinds of topics:
  • 1) Planning an ideal model for ecological civilization
  • 2) Roles for the religious leaders in solving environmental crises
  • 3) Roles for independent spiritual practitioners
  • 4) Self-criticism and friendly debate on proposed solutions to environmental crises
  • 5) Hearing the voice of the earth and creatures
  • 6) How to work together towards the creation of an ecological civilization

You are invited to write a paper on any of the six topics above or another topic you feel is relevant. We will create various sections for the conference after submitted papers have been collected and organized.

Submission Date

Those who would like to present papers are invited to submit a 200-word abstract of their paper (in English) and a 100-word curriculum vitae.
Please submit both to before July 31, 2019.



October 2, 2019
Arrival at Yeoju SunValley Hotel
October 3, 2019
Time Program Place
09:00 ~ 10:00 Registration Yeoju SunValley Hotel
Grand Ballroom
10:00 ~ 11:00 Opening Ceremony
11:00 ~ 11:20 Commemorative Performance
11:20 ~ 12:00 Keynote Speech: Dr. John Cobb
(Professor Emeritus of Claremont School of Theology)
12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch 3F Sejong Hall
13:30 ~ 15:30 Parallel Session Ⅰ 3F Crystal / Sapphire / Emerald Room
15:30 ~ 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 ~ 18:00 Parallel Session Ⅱ
18:00 ~ 19:30 Banquet 3F Sejong Hall
October 4, 2019
Time Program Place
10:00 ~ 10:30 Religious Leaders’ Address 2F Grand Ballroom
10:30 ~ 11:00 Commemorative Performance
11:00 ~ 11:30 Keynote Speech Ⅰ: Audrey Kitagawa
(Chair, Parliament of the World's Religions)
11:30 ~ 12:00 Keynote Speech Ⅱ : Park Gwang-su
(President of Korean Association for Religious Studies)
12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch 3F Sejong Hall
13:30 ~ 15:30 Parallel Session I 3F Crystal / Sapphire / Emerald Room
15:30 ~ 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 ~ 18:00 Parallel Session II
18:00 ~ 19:30 Banquet 3F Sejong Hall
October 5, 2019
Time Program Place
10:00 ~ 11:00 Sessions Summary 2F Grand Ballroom
11:00 ~ 11:20 Commemorative Performance
11:30 ~ 11:50 Announcement of Statement
11:50 ~ 12:00 Closing Ceremony
12:00 ~ 13:30 Lunch 3F Crystal / Sapphire Room
13:30 ~ 15:30 Yeoju Cultural Tour Ⅰ Yeoju Area
15:30 ~ 16:00 Break
16:00 ~ 18:00 Yeoju Cultural Tour Ⅱ
18:00 ~ 19:30 Banquet 3F Sejong Hall
October 6, 2019


  • To register for the conference, please select 'Presenter' or 'Normal Attendee',
    fill in the required information, and then click the registration button.
    The registration fee for normal attendees is $250 (USD).
    This fee covers meals and accommodations.
    The registration fee will be waived for all presenters.


Yeoju, a visually remarkable city covering a roughly 50 kilometer area located along the waterway of the Namhangang River, strives to carefully preserve the prestige of its millennia-old culture.
Feel the breath of nature amidst the whispers of history at UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Royal Tomb of King Sejong and the Royal Tomb of King Hyojong, or other great cultural sites such as the birth house of Empress Myeongseong and Silleuksa Temple (an ancient temple with a thousand-year history situated alongside the Namhangang River).


Airport Pick Up & Transportation to the Hotel
We will provide airport pickup service for all participants from overseas.
For queries, please contact us at:
  • Mr. Jay Cha, Organizational Committee General Manager
  • TEL +82-31-887-9332
  • MOBILE +82-10-5701-6113, +82-10-4018-3061
  • ADDRESS 882, Gangcheon-ro, Gangcheon-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
    • SunValley Hotel
    • Gangbyeon Yuwonji Gil 45, Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea